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[pyramid/misc] remove now useless warning about missing pyramid.ini

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......@@ -88,7 +88,6 @@ For the record, regarding authentication:
import datetime
import logging
import warnings
from zope.interface import implementer
......@@ -198,28 +197,6 @@ def includeme(config):
session_prefix + 'secret', 'notsosecret')
persistent_secret = settings.get(
persistent_prefix + 'secret', 'notsosecret')
if ('notsosecret' in (session_secret, persistent_secret)
and config.registry['cubicweb.config'].mode != 'test'):
The authentication cookies are signed with a static secret key.
Configure the following options in your pyramid.ini file:
- cubicweb.auth.authtkt.session.secret
- cubicweb.auth.authtkt.persistent.secret
YOU SHOULD STOP THIS INSTANCE unless your really know what you
are doing !!
Please refer to to cubicweb-pyramid documentation on how to
write this pyramid.ini file:
Without it authentication WON'T work.
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