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two bits of docstring

branch : stable
parent 669854258b90
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ class Workflow(AnyEntity):
return tr
def add_wftransition(self, name, subworkflow, fromstates, exitpoints,
requiredgroups=(), conditions=(), **kwargs):
requiredgroups=(), conditions=(), **kwargs):
"""add a workflow transition to this workflow"""
tr = self._add_transition('WorkflowTransition', name, fromstates,
requiredgroups, conditions, **kwargs)
......@@ -966,6 +966,21 @@ class ServerMigrationHelper(MigrationHelper):
def cmd_add_workflow(self, name, wfof, default=True, commit=False,
create a new workflow and links it to entity types
:type name: unicode
:param name: name of the workflow
:type wfof: string or list/tuple of strings
:param wfof: entity type(s) having this workflow
:type default: bool
:param default: tells wether this is the default workflow
for the specified entity type(s); set it to false in
the case of a subworkflow
:rtype: `Workflow`
self.session.set_pool() # ensure pool is set
wf = self.cmd_create_entity('Workflow', name=unicode(name),
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