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chore(pkg): new minor release (3.32.0)

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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ software
modname = distname = "cubicweb"
numversion = (3, 31, 1)
numversion = (3, 32, 0)
version = ".".join(str(num) for num in numversion)
description = "a repository of entities / relations for knowledge management"
3.32.0 (2021-07-13)
🔐 Security, breaking changes
:file:`self.w` API has been changed to automatically escape arguments used to format the string to mitiage XSS attacks.
This means that instead of writting:
.. code:: python
self.w("some %s string %s" % (a, b))
You need to write:
.. code:: python
self.w("some %s string %s", a, b)
And CubicWeb will escapes all arguments given to :file:`self.w` which are :file:`a` and :file:`b` here.
If for a specific reason (for example generating javascript) you don't want to escape the arguments of :file:`self.w` you can use the :file:`escape` kwarg argument of :file:`self.w` like this:
.. code:: python
self.w("some %s string %s", a, b, escape=False)
This is normally retrocompatible since :file:`self.w` old API with only one argument still works (but you **shouldn't** use it anymore) but if you have been giving a custom function as :file:`self.w` you'll need to adapt the API of this function to match :file:`self.w` new API which is:
.. code:: python
def w(self, string, *args, **kwargs, escape=False): ...
Also note that :file:`UStringIO.write` function has also been modified to be compatible with :file:`self.w` new API (so if you are using it you won't need to port this code).
A CSRF protection machanism has been integrated in CubicWeb using Pyramid CSRF built in protection. Regarding breaking changes:
- Cubicweb now only works **with pyramid**
- if you are only using cubicweb "web" without ajax and you have been doing advanced modification at the session management level this shouldn't break anything for you
- if you are doing POST/PUT/DELETE... requests using AJAX, you need to adapt you code to send the csrf_token otherwise all you requests will be denied. This is explain in the AJAX seciton of the documentation: :ref:`csrf_protection`
The whole mechanism is explained in the documentation: :ref:`csrf_protection`
🚧 Other breaking changes
We decide to stop releasing cubicweb as debian packages. Thanks for all the fishes.
🎉 New features
- add a component to disable RQL suggestions: :file:`cubicweb.web.views.magicsearch.RQLNoSuggestionsBuilder`
👷 Bug fixes
- [reledit] display reledit for a relation if some conditions are satisfied ([1] the relation dont have rqlexpr permissions and can be deleted [2] at least one of related entites can be deleted)
- pyramid/predicates: avoid to show an error without a session connection
- be sure db-statement-timeout is not None
- correctly transform cubicweb.web.RemoteCallFailed into pyramid corresponding exceptions, this allow to propagate the correct content type (for example for json exceptions)
- "cubicweb-ctl list" now supports multiple dependencies constraints
🤖 Continuous integration
- coverage: gitlab-ci is able to read the coverage report we produce
- disable from-forge for now since we aren't using them
- fix path to coverage-*.xml for non-reports artifacts
- flake8: integrate flake8-gl-codeclimate for QA reports
- integrate junit reports style for tests errors in gitlab
- optimisation: allow to interrupt started jobs that can be replaced
- pytest-html: generate self contained html file for easier test repport browsing
- trigger py3-* jobs on tox.ini/.gitlab-ci.yml/requirements modifications
- use gitlab readthedocs integration
🤷 Various changes
- fix error cases when internationalizable is not defined on rdef
- improve docstring in web.views.basecontrollers
📋 Developer experience
- using black on the whole project \o/ (thx for hg format-source)
- debug/ux: display traceback of stderr when exception in addition of the html page
- testing: activate debug mode during testing
- ux: display on stdout the requests made to the server like nginx
- ux: display traceback on stderr on request failure
- ux: for selected view by ViewController
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Changelog history
.. include:: 3.32.rst
.. include:: 3.31.rst
.. include:: 3.30.rst
.. include:: 3.29.rst
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