Commit 9b0fa5c3 authored by Aurelien Campeas's avatar Aurelien Campeas
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[c-c schema] option to show single etype (closes #3404831)

parent 032825bbacab
......@@ -776,13 +776,19 @@ class GenerateSchema(Command):
'short': "i", 'metavar': "<types>",
'help':'coma separated list of entity types to include in view',
{'type':'string', 'default':'',
'metavar': '<etype>',
'help':'show graph of this etype and its neighbours'
def run(self, args):
from subprocess import Popen
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
from logilab.common.textutils import splitstrip
from yams import schema2dot, BASE_TYPES
from logilab.common.graph import GraphGenerator, DotBackend
from yams import schema2dot as s2d, BASE_TYPES
from cubicweb.schema import (META_RTYPES, SCHEMA_TYPES, SYSTEM_RTYPES,
cubes = splitstrip(args[0])
......@@ -801,7 +807,22 @@ class GenerateSchema(Command):
skiptypes |= set(('CWUser', 'CWGroup', 'EmailAddress'))
skiptypes |= set(self['exclude-type'].split(','))
skiptypes -= set(self['include-type'].split(','))
schema2dot.schema2dot(schema, out, skiptypes=skiptypes)
if not self['show-etype']:
s2d.schema2dot(schema, out, skiptypes=skiptypes)
etype = self['show-etype']
visitor = s2d.OneHopESchemaVisitor(schema[etype], skiptypes=skiptypes)
propshdlr = s2d.SchemaDotPropsHandler(visitor)
backend = DotBackend('schema', 'BT',
additionnal_param={'overlap' : 'false',
'splines' : 'true',
'sep' : '0.2'})
generator = s2d.GraphGenerator(backend)
generator.generate(visitor, propshdlr, out)
if viewer:
p = Popen((viewer, out))
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