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[changelog] add missing information to the 3.27 changelog

parent ff63319a1730
......@@ -30,6 +30,23 @@ New features
* add a new migration function `update_bfss_path(old_path, new_path)` to update
the path in Bytes File-System Storage (bfss).
* on every request display request path and selected controller in CLI
* migration interactive mode improvements:
* when an exception occurs, display the full traceback instead of only the exception
* on migration p(db) choice, launch ipdb if it's installed
* on migration p(db) choice, give the traceback to pdb if it's available,
this mean that the (i)pdb interactive session will be on the stack of
the exception instead of being on the stack where pdb is launched which
will allow the user to access all the relevant context of the exception
which otherwise is lost
* on DBG_SQL and/or DBG_RQL, if pygments is installed, syntax highlight sql/rql
debug output
Backwards incompatible changes
......@@ -61,6 +78,10 @@ Backwards incompatible changes
* DBG_MS flag has been removed since it is not used anymore
* transactions db logs where displayed using the logging
(debug/info/warning...) mechanism, now it is only displayed if the
corresponding DBG_OPS flag is used
Deprecated code drops
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