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doc(tutorials): add introduction and structure of the museum tutorial.

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.. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
.. _TutosMuseumsDataManagement:
Data management with CubicWeb
Import data
With our application customized, let's see how to import more data.
There is several ways to import data in CubicWeb. In our tutorial, we want to import our
museums from a `csv` file.
Query data with RQL
RDF serialisation
Content negotiation
.. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
.. _TutosMuseumsEnhanceViews:
.. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
.. _TutosMuseumsGettingStarted:
.. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
.. _TutosMuseums:
Create a Website from scratch with CubicWeb
This tutorial aims to demonstrate how to create a website using CubicWeb. This website will
present museums from French Ministry of Culture data, available here_.
.. _here:
First, we will start with installation and creation of our website, and a short presentation of
out of the box CubicWeb functionnalities. Then, we will see how to enhance our views using Jinja2
templates or React components to have a better looking site. Finally, we will see how to manage
more data, and how to serialize them in RDF.
At the end of this tutorial, we should have a website which give information about all France's
museums, describes them in RDF and present them on a map.
.. toctree::
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