Commit 96299362 authored by Laurent Peuch's avatar Laurent Peuch
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[debug/emit/rql] add RQL debug channel and emit queries

This is used for the RQL debug panel but can be used as a generic mechanism for
several tools.
parent db95a417a5ec
......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@
security checking and data aggregation.
import uuid
import time
import traceback
from itertools import repeat
from rql import RQLSyntaxError, CoercionError
......@@ -30,6 +32,7 @@ from cubicweb import ValidationError, Unauthorized, UnknownEid, QueryError
from cubicweb.rqlrewrite import RQLRelationRewriter
from cubicweb import Binary, server
from cubicweb.rset import ResultSet
from cubicweb.debug import emit_to_debug_channel
from cubicweb.utils import QueryCache, RepeatList
from cubicweb.misc.source_highlight import highlight_terminal
......@@ -558,6 +561,18 @@ class QuerierHelper(object):
plan.cache_key = cachekey
plan.rql_query_tracing_token = str(uuid.uuid4())
query_debug_informations = {
"rql": rql,
"rql_query_tracing_token": plan.rql_query_tracing_token,
"args": args,
# remove the last part of the stack which is: this line
"callstack": "".join(traceback.format_stack()[:-1]),
"description": "",
start = time.time()
# execute the plan
results = plan.execute()
......@@ -573,6 +588,10 @@ class QuerierHelper(object):
if cnx.commit_state is None:
cnx.commit_state = 'uncommitable'
query_debug_informations["time"] = ((time.time() - start) * 1000)
query_debug_informations["result"] = results
# build a description for the results if necessary
descr = ()
if build_descr:
......@@ -596,6 +615,10 @@ class QuerierHelper(object):
descr = _build_descr(cnx, results, basedescr, todetermine)
# FIXME: get number of affected entities / relations on non
# selection queries ?
query_debug_informations["description"] = descr
emit_to_debug_channel("rql", query_debug_informations)
# return a result set object
return ResultSet(results, rql, args, descr)
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