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updat etest

branch : tls-sprint
parent 39721e56b56d
......@@ -33,12 +33,13 @@ class VRegistryTC(TestCase):
# check loading baseviews after idownloadable isn't kicking interface based views
self.assertEquals(len(self.vreg['views']['primary']), 2)
def test_autoselectors(self):
def test___selectors__compat(self):
myselector1 = lambda *args: 1
myselector2 = lambda *args: 1
class AnAppObject(VObject):
__selectors__ = (myselector1, myselector2)
self.assertEquals(AnAppObject.__select__(), 2)
self.assertEquals(AnAppObject.__select__(AnAppObject), 2)
def test_properties(self):
self.failIf('system.version.cubicweb' in self.vreg['propertydefs'])
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