Commit 8d94ba37 authored by Nicolas Chauvat's avatar Nicolas Chauvat
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Merge 3.26

......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ from cubicweb.toolsutils import Command, rm, create_dir, underline_title
from cubicweb.__pkginfo__ import version as cw_version
LOG_LEVELS = ('debug', 'info', 'warning', 'error')
DBG_FLAGS = ('RQL', 'SQL', 'REPO', 'HOOKS', 'OPS', 'SEC', 'MORE', 'ALL')
# don't check duplicated commands, it occurs when reloading site_cubicweb
CWCTL = CommandLine('cubicweb-ctl', 'The CubicWeb swiss-knife.',
......@@ -557,8 +557,8 @@ class Repository(object):
fsversion = self.config.cubicweb_version()
if version < fsversion:
msg = ('instance has %s version %s but %s '
'is installed. Run "cubicweb-ctl upgrade".')
raise ExecutionError(msg % (cube, version, fsversion))
'is installed. Run "cubicweb-ctl upgrade %s".')
raise ExecutionError(msg % (cube, version, fsversion, self.config.appid))
return vcconf
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