Commit 7f3a19ff authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David
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[entity] add a "repo_side" parameter to `_cw_dont_cache_attribute`

This parameter (defaulting to `False`) is used to inform cubicweb that we really
really do not want to cache a value during creation or update. This will be used
by a storage that may do very specific processing on attribute values that result
in a stored value different than the provided one (e.g. BFSS `fs_importing`
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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
__docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"
from warnings import warn
from functools import partial
from logilab.common import interface
from logilab.common.decorators import cached
......@@ -561,19 +562,40 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
# if context is a repository session, don't consider dont-cache-attrs as
# the instance already hold modified values and loosing them could
# introduce severe problems
get_set = partial(self._cw.get_shared_data, default=(), txdata=True,
uncached_attrs = set()
uncached_attrs.update(get_set('' % self.eid))
if self._cw.is_request:
for attr in self._cw.get_shared_data('%s.dont-cache-attrs' % self.eid,
default=(), txdata=True, pop=True):
attrcache.pop(attr, None)
self.cw_attr_cache.pop(attr, None)
uncached_attrs.update(get_set('%s.dont-cache-attrs' % self.eid))
for attr in uncached_attrs:
attrcache.pop(attr, None)
self.cw_attr_cache.pop(attr, None)
def _cw_dont_cache_attribute(self, attr):
"""repository side method called when some attribute have been
def _cw_dont_cache_attribute(self, attr, repo_side=False):
"""Repository side method called when some attribute has been
transformed by a hook, hence original value should not be cached by
the client.
If repo_side is True, this means that the attribute has been
transformed by a *storage*, hence the original value should
not be cached **by anyone**.
This only applies to a storage special case where the value
specified in creation or update is **not** the value that will
be transparently exposed later.
For example we have a special "fs_importing" mode in BFSS
where a file path is given as attribute value and stored as is
in the data base. Later access to the attribute will provide
the content of the file at the specified path. We do not want
the "filepath" value to be cached.
self._cw.transaction_data.setdefault('%s.dont-cache-attrs' % self.eid, set()).add(attr)
if repo_side:
trdata = self._cw.transaction_data
trdata.setdefault('' % self.eid, set()).add(attr)
def __json_encode__(self):
"""custom json dumps hook to dump the entity's eid
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