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[doc/book] Add a note about <database>-support virtual package.

Cubicweb setup documentation now mention cubicweb-postgresql-support and cubicweb-mysql-support

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......@@ -44,6 +44,14 @@ You can now install the required packages with the following command::
`cubicweb-dev` installs the development environment allowing you to develop new
.. note::
`cubicweb-dev` will install basic sqlite support. You can easily setup
`cubicweb with other database`_ with the following virtual packages :
`cubicweb-postgresql-support` contains necessary dependency for using
`cubicweb with postgresql datatabase`_ and `cubicweb-mysql-support` contains
necessary dependency for using `cubicweb with mysql database`_ .
There is also a wide variety of cubes listed on the ` Forge`_
available as debian packages and tarball.
......@@ -57,6 +65,9 @@ The repositories are signed with `Logilab's gnupg key`_. To avoid warning on
.. _`Logilab's gnupg key`:
.. _` Forge`:
.. _`cubicweb with other database`: DatabaseInstallation_
.. _`cubicweb with postgresql datatabase` : PostgresqlConfiguration_
.. _`cubicweb with mysql database` : MySqlConfiguration_
.. _PipInstallation:
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