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doc(changelog): prepare the changelog for 3.30

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30 (2021-03-16)
New features
- config: read required variables from environment (`#85 <>`_)
- db-create:  add drop option to control database deletion (`#202 <>`_)
*BREAKING CHANGE*: cubicweb-ctl db-create no more drops the db in
- massive store: add an option to allow stores not to drop constraints (`#219 <>`_)
- pyramid-ctl: add “nb-threads” parameter to cubicweb-ctl pyramid (`#119 <>`_)
- urlpublish: add empty_rset_raises_404 flag on rql rewrite urls (`#199 <>`_)
- add script_attribute to add_js function (`#210 <>`_)
- cubicweb/cwconfig: authenticated SMTP outgoing email
- database/exception: include the query information in database error
for better debuging
- upgrade Logilab’s dependencies to last versions
- web: only set “Vary: Accept-Language” when we translate something (`#224 <>`_)
Bug fixes
- rql2sql: properly handle date and datetime operations with SQLite
(`#109 <>`_)
- rql: make the rql completion working again
- rql: refactor GROUP_CONCAT so that it handles NULL values
- catch authentication exception
- ci: manually remove the .tox/doc directory (`#206 <>`_)
- ci: use \**/*.py to match all python files
- ci:  recreate doc environment from scratch (`#206 <>`_)
- cwgettext: missing local module
- db-create: don’t force to use –drop if there is no existing db.
- deprecated: logilab.common.deprecated has been renamed to callable_deprecated
- deps: we are not yet compatible with pyramid 2.0
- migractions: don’t use notification hooks during postcreate
- py3: we still have some unicode() arround
- repo_cnx: Catch OperationalError during repo_cnx (`#215 <>`_)
- skeleton: add gitlab-ci in skeleton manifest
- skeleton: make the skeleton black compliant
- skip a wdoc test when doctuils is not available
- typo: drop_db instead of drop_pd
- urlpublisher: raise a 404 when a URL rewrite with rql has no rset
(`#199 <>`_)
- UX when migractions failed to get its connection
- migractions: don’t commit in the middle of drop_cube
- views: fix possible UnboundLocalError in ErrorView
- server: Set language of connection in all cases
(`#87 <>`_)
- deploy: add a Docker section in deployment
- deploy: Update kubernetes deploy
- deploy: Update uwsgi deployment
- deploy:  add section ref for kubernetes section
- include api documentation
- mention weekly meeting in matrix
- Add link to migration and remove FIXME
- add more links in the index and capitalize entries (`#185 <>`_)
- all-in-one.conf: add link in index.rst
- dataimport: remove SQLGenObjectStore description and add MassiveObjectStore.
- index: remove “skeleton”, since it’s already explain in “layout”
- licence: automatically set licence info in template
(`#94 <>`_)
- move (and fix) apache documentation to the deply section
- rql: replace COMMA_JOIN by GROUP_CONCAT (`#259 <>`_)
- tutorials: correct a dead link.
- tutorials: add a link to museum demo source code, and correct a typo.
- tutorials: add introduction and structure of the museum tutorial.
- tutorials: redaction of “data-management/import” part of the museum
- tutorials: redaction of “getting started” part.
- tutorials: reword
Continuous integration
- uses gitlab-ci ‘rules:’
- integrate yamllint
- simplify rule:changes
- Use workflow to avoid duplicated pipelines (see
- do not run sonaqube and deploy the doc when triggered by other project
- fix: also monitore requirements/ changes for triggering the pipelines
Various changes
- remove statsd (closes `#39 <>`_)
- remove web.cors in favor of wsgicors with pyramid
- server/migractions: simplify the Migration Handler entry point
- server: replace utils.QueryCache with cachetools.LFUCache
- Silent yams warning (first rdef selection from an ambiguous rtype)
- Very minor improvements of cubicweb/server/
- views: Make JsonMixIn.wdata method usable with non-web connections
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Changelog history
.. include:: 3.30.rst
.. include:: 3.29.rst
.. include:: 3.28.rst
.. include:: 3.27.rst
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