Commit 77da2eae authored by Nicola Spanti's avatar Nicola Spanti
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Added tag 3.26.18, debian/3.26.18-1 for changeset 2d1d6c5ab3c3

branch : 3.26
parent b43c47181a6a
......@@ -651,3 +651,5 @@ fb6aecd654a34b68b81a444340d5c6c8a7c80664 3.26.16
fb6aecd654a34b68b81a444340d5c6c8a7c80664 debian/3.26.16-1
5c6d242069b6362d2cd2e651bdbf42c384c93da1 3.26.17
5c6d242069b6362d2cd2e651bdbf42c384c93da1 debian/3.26.17-1
2d1d6c5ab3c3b8f8a348d79fe92d2e897eccc698 3.26.18
2d1d6c5ab3c3b8f8a348d79fe92d2e897eccc698 debian/3.26.18-1
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