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feat(heptapod): add gitlab-ci config file in new cube skeleton

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image: python
- tests
- after-tests
- pip install tox
stage: tests
script: tox -e py3
stage: tests
script: tox -e flake8
stage: tests
script: tox -e check-manifest
stage: tests
script: tox -e black
# If you have mypy set up
# mypy:
# stage: tests
# script: tox -e mypy
# If you have your project on readthedocs, you can automatically trigger its
# build by setting:
# in your heptapod project Settings > CI/CD > Variables.
# You can find those secrets by creating a new integration in your readthedocs
# project here:
# Related documentation:
# trigger-readthedocs:
# only:
# refs:
# - branch/default
# stage: after-tests
# script:
# # regarding the " everywhere when there is a '%%': yaml is extremly weird when %% are involved
# - curl -X POST -d "token=${READTHEDOCS_TOKEN}"${READTHEDOCS_ID} -w "\nhttp code:"\ "%%{http_code}\n" -f
......@@ -19,7 +19,8 @@ Added
- pyramid: add routes /{eid} and /{etype}/{eid} to return RDF when rdf mimetype in Accept HTTP headers
- entities: simplify rdf generation and add a generic rdf adapter
- web.views: add Link alternate in HTTP response header in HTML view
- Black and Mypy config in tox.ini file of new cube skeleton
- Black and Mypy config in tox.ini file in new cube skeleton
- Gitlab CI config file in new cube skeleton
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