Commit 67a2f278 authored by Alexandre Fayolle's avatar Alexandre Fayolle
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[bfss] convert root BFSS directory to str in constructor (closes #2137793)

otherwise you can get crashed with AssertionError: Binary objects must use raw strings, not <type 'unicode'>

branch : stable
parent 335b358c7017
......@@ -113,6 +113,8 @@ def fsimport(session):
class BytesFileSystemStorage(Storage):
"""store Bytes attribute value on the file system"""
def __init__(self, defaultdir, fsencoding='utf-8'):
if type(defaultdir) is unicode:
defaultdir = defaultdir.encode(fsencoding)
self.default_directory = defaultdir
self.fsencoding = fsencoding
......@@ -201,7 +203,8 @@ class BytesFileSystemStorage(Storage):
name = entity.cw_attr_metadata(attr, 'name')
if name is not None:
fspath = uniquify_path(self.default_directory, '_'.join(basename))
fspath = uniquify_path(self.default_directory,
if fspath is None:
msg = entity._cw._('failed to uniquify path (%s, %s)') % (
self.default_directory, '_'.join(basename))
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