Commit 65ccbbb9 authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[wf] distinguish main workflow / current workflow

branch : 3.5
parent 6dd4f4a3ff2a
......@@ -291,12 +291,17 @@ class WorkflowableMixIn(object):
__implements__ = (IWorkflowable,)
def current_workflow(self):
def main_workflow(self):
"""return current workflow applied to this entity"""
if self.custom_workflow:
return self.custom_workflow[0]
return self.cwetype_workflow()
def current_workflow(self):
"""return current workflow applied to this entity"""
return self.current_state.workflow
def current_state(self):
"""return current state entity"""
......@@ -440,7 +440,11 @@ def before_add_trinfo(session, entity):
raise ValidationError(entity.eid, {'wf_info_for': msg})
forentity = session.entity_from_eid(foreid)
# then check it has a workflow set
wf = forentity.current_workflow
if session.transaction_data.get((forentity.eid, 'customwf')):
wfeid = session.transaction_data[(forentity.eid, 'customwf')]
wf = session.entity_from_eid(wfeid)
wf = forentity.current_workflow
if wf is None:
msg = session._('related entity has no workflow set')
raise ValidationError(entity.eid, {None: msg})
......@@ -503,8 +507,8 @@ class SetInitialStateOp(PreCommitOperation):
# use the initial state as a default state
pendingeids = session.transaction_data.get('pendingeids', ())
if not entity.eid in pendingeids and not entity.in_state and \
state = entity.current_workflow.initial
state = entity.main_workflow.initial
if state:
# use super session to by-pass security checks
session.super_session.add_relation(entity.eid, 'in_state',
......@@ -524,14 +528,15 @@ class WorkflowChangedOp(PreCommitOperation):
if self.eid in pendingeids:
entity = session.entity_from_eid(self.eid)
# notice that enforcment that new workflow apply to the entity's type is
# done by schema rule, no need to check it here
if entity.current_workflow.eid == self.wfeid:
deststate = entity.current_workflow.initial
# check custom workflow has not been rechanged to another one in the same
# transaction
mainwf = entity.main_workflow
if mainwf.eid == self.wfeid:
deststate = mainwf.initial
if not deststate:
msg = session._('workflow has no initial state')
raise ValidationError(entity.eid, {'custom_workflow': msg})
if entity.current_workflow.state_by_eid(entity.current_state.eid):
if mainwf.state_by_eid(entity.current_state.eid):
# nothing to do
# if there are no history, simply go to new workflow's initial state
......@@ -541,8 +546,9 @@ class WorkflowChangedOp(PreCommitOperation):
entity.current_state.eid, deststate.eid)
msg = session._('workflow changed to "%s"')
msg %=
entity.change_state(, msg)
msg %= session._(
session.transaction_data[(entity.eid, 'customwf')] = self.wfeid
entity.change_state(deststate, msg)
def set_custom_workflow(session, eidfrom, rtype, eidto):
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