Commit 5d613f4a authored by Pierre-Yves David's avatar Pierre-Yves David
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[storage/bfss] ensure bfss never remove a cw_edited item (closes #2236287)

When the <old value> == <new value> (not really and update but can happen), the
value was popped but never restored. The cw_edited attribut had wrong content
for a small time lapse.

branch : stable
parent f23782a2cdee
......@@ -175,16 +175,16 @@ class BytesFileSystemStorage(Storage):
# Mark the new file as added during the transaction.
# The file will be removed on rollback
if oldpath != fpath:
# register the new location for the file.
# reinstall poped value
if fpath is None:
entity.cw_edited.edited_attribute(attr, None)
# register the new location for the file.
entity.cw_edited.edited_attribute(attr, Binary(fpath))
if oldpath is not None and oldpath != fpath:
# Mark the old file as useless so the file will be removed at
# commit.
if oldpath is not None:
return binary
def entity_deleted(self, entity, attr):
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