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doc(urlpublish): add example with the empty_rset_raises_404 option

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......@@ -122,6 +122,26 @@ Here is an example of ``SimpleReqRewriter`` usage with regular expressions:
When a url matches the regular expression, the view with the __regid__
`rss` which match the result set is displayed.
To deal with URL rewriting with an underlying RQL query, it is possible to
specify the behaviour in the case of an empty rset with the option
The following example shows a ``SimpleReqRewriter`` usage with the
`empty_rset_raises_404` option set to True.
In this case, the path mycwetypeurl/pouet will return a 404. Without this option,
it would return a 200.
.. sourcecode:: python
from cubicweb.web.views.urlrewrite import (
SimpleReqRewriter, rgx)
class MyRewriter(SimpleReqRewriter):
rules = [(rgx(r'/mycwetypeurl/([^/]+)'),
rql=r'Any T WHERE T is CWEType, T name "\1"',
Here is an example of ``SchemaBasedRewriter`` usage:
.. sourcecode:: python
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