Commit 56dd9cf7 authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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[py3] Replace a unicode() occurrence in workflow views

parent afc678253bc2
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ from cubicweb import _
import os
from six import add_metaclass
from six import add_metaclass, text_type
from logilab.mtconverter import xml_escape
from logilab.common.deprecation import class_deprecated
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ def _wf_items_for_relation(req, wfeid, wfrelation, field):
wf = req.entity_from_eid(wfeid)
rschema = req.vreg.schema[]
param = 'toeid' if field.role == 'subject' else 'fromeid'
return sorted((e.view('combobox'), unicode(e.eid))
return sorted((e.view('combobox'), text_type(e.eid))
for e in getattr(wf, 'reverse_%s' % wfrelation)
if rschema.has_perm(req, 'add', **{param: e.eid}))
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