Commit 4e94c8aa authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[c-c i18ncube] proper command class name

parent a5bed0cd3956
......@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ class UpdateCubicWebCatalogCommand(Command):
print 'when you are done, run "cubicweb-ctl i18ncube yourcube".'
class UpdateTemplateCatalogCommand(Command):
class UpdateCubeCatalogCommand(Command):
"""Update i18n catalogs for cubes. If no cube is specified, update
catalogs of all registered cubes.
......@@ -784,7 +784,7 @@ class GenerateQUnitHTML(Command):
print make_qunit_html(args[0], args[1:])
for cmdcls in (UpdateCubicWebCatalogCommand,
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