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interface handling should be done here

branch : tls-sprint
parent 1305da1ce3f9
......@@ -48,8 +48,10 @@ class CubicWebRegistry(VRegistry):
def reset(self):
self._registries = {}
self._lastmodifs = {}
# two special registries, propertydefs which care all the property definitions, and
# propertyvals which contains values for those properties
self._needs_iface = {}
# two special registries, propertydefs which care all the property
# definitions, and propertyvals which contains values for those
# properties
self._registries['propertydefs'] = {}
self._registries['propertyvalues'] = self.eprop_values = {}
for key, propdef in self.config.eproperty_definitions():
......@@ -73,42 +75,42 @@ class CubicWebRegistry(VRegistry):
for objects in regcontent.values():
for obj in objects:
obj.schema = schema
def register_if_interface_found(self, obj, ifaces, **kwargs):
"""register an object but remove it if no entity class implements one of
the given interfaces
if not isinstance(ifaces, (tuple, list)):
self._needs_iface[obj] = frozenset((ifaces,))
self._needs_iface[obj] = frozenset(ifaces)
self.register(obj, **kwargs)
def register(self, obj, **kwargs):
super(CubicWebRegistry, self).register(obj, **kwargs)
# XXX bw compat
ifaces = getattr(obj, 'accepts_interfaces', None)
if ifaces:
self._needs_iface[obj] = frozenset(ifaces)
def register_objects(self, path, force_reload=None):
"""overriden to handle type class cache issue"""
if super(CubicWebRegistry, self).register_objects(path, force_reload):
"""overriden to remove objects requiring a missing interface"""
if super(CubicWebRegistry, self).register_objects(path, force_reload):
# clear etype cache if you don't want to run into deep weirdness
clear_cache(self, 'etype_class')
# we may want to keep interface dependent objects (e.g.for i18n
# catalog generation)
if not self.config.cleanup_interface_sobjects:
# remove vobjects that don't support any available interface
interfaces = set()
for classes in self.get('etypes', {}).values():
for cls in classes:
if not self.config.cleanup_interface_sobjects:
for registry, regcontent in self._registries.items():
if registry in ('propertydefs', 'propertyvalues', 'etypes'):
for oid, objects in regcontent.items():
for obj in reversed(objects[:]):
if not obj in objects:
continue # obj has been kicked by a previous one
accepted = set(getattr(obj, 'accepts_interfaces', ()))
if accepted:
for accepted_iface in accepted:
for found_iface in interfaces:
if issubclass(found_iface, accepted_iface):
# consider priority if necessary
if hasattr(obj.__registerer__, 'remove_all_equivalents'):
registerer = obj.__registerer__(self, obj)
self.debug('kicking vobject %s (unsupported interface)', obj)
# if objects is empty, remove oid from registry
if not objects:
del regcontent[oid]
for obj, ifaces in self._needs_iface.items():
if not ifaces & interfaces:
self.debug('kicking vobject %s (unsupported interface)', obj)
def eid_rset(self, cursor, eid, etype=None):
"""return a result set for the given eid without doing actual query
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