Commit 49d389e0 authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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fix edited_attributes handling when adding entity

branch : stable
parent edfdb69df6e8
......@@ -996,15 +996,16 @@ class Repository(object):
print 'ADD entity', etype, entity.eid, dict(entity)
entity._is_saved = False # entity has an eid but is not yet saved
relations = []
# if inlined relations are specified, fill entity's related cache to
# avoid unnecessary queries
# init edited_attributes before calling before_add_entity hooks
entity.edited_attributes = set(entity)
if source.should_call_hooks:'before_add_entity', etype, session, entity)
# XXX use entity.keys here since edited_attributes is not updated for
# inline relations
for attr in entity.keys():
rschema = eschema.subject_relation(attr)
if not rschema.is_final(): # inlined relation
relations.append((attr, entity[attr]))
if source.should_call_hooks:'before_add_entity', etype, session, entity)
entity.edited_attributes = set(entity)
source.add_entity(session, entity)
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