Commit 48f0ec22 authored by Julien Cristau's avatar Julien Cristau
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[server/session] remove unused cnx_meth function

parent d2449691fd48
......@@ -981,18 +981,6 @@ def cnx_attr(attr_name, writable=False):
args['fset'] = write_attr
return property(**args)
def cnx_meth(meth_name):
"""return a function forwarding calls to connection.
This is to be used by session"""
@deprecated('[3.19] use a Connection object instead')
def meth_from_cnx(session, *args, **kwargs):
result = getattr(session._cnx, meth_name)(*args, **kwargs)
if getattr(result, '_cw', None) is not None:
result._cw = session
return result
meth_from_cnx.__doc__ = getattr(Connection, meth_name).__doc__
return meth_from_cnx
class Timestamp(object):
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