Commit 2ff54d9e authored by Florent Cayré's avatar Florent Cayré
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[edit controller] fix subform formid in EditController (would need further improvement)

branch : stable
parent e54ad6984e01
......@@ -182,7 +182,12 @@ class EditController(basecontrollers.ViewController):
# process inlined relations at the same time as attributes
# this will generate less rql queries and might be useful in
# a few dark corners
formid = self._cw.form.get('__form_id', 'edition')
if is_main_entity:
formid = self._cw.form.get('__form_id', 'edition')
# XXX inlined forms formid should be saved in a different formparams entry
# inbetween, use cubicweb standard formid for inlined forms
formid = 'edition'
form = self._cw.vreg['forms'].select(formid, self._cw, entity=entity)
eid = form.actual_eid(entity.eid)
form.formvalues = {} # init fields value cache
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