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[entity fetch_attrs] remove ambiguous relations on different etypes from...

[entity fetch_attrs] remove ambiguous relations on different etypes from fetched attrs or it may produce wrong related results; closes #1700896

branch : stable
parent 2c72bfbbf1a3
......@@ -62,6 +62,23 @@ def can_use_rest_path(value):
return True
def remove_ambiguous_rels(attr_set, subjtypes, schema):
'''remove from `attr_set` the relations of entity types `subjtypes` that have
different entity type sets as target'''
for attr in attr_set.copy():
rschema = schema.rschema(attr)
ttypes = None
for subjtype in subjtypes:
cur_ttypes = rschema.objects(subjtype)
if ttypes is None:
ttypes = cur_ttypes
elif cur_ttypes != ttypes:
class Entity(AppObject):
"""an entity instance has e_schema automagically set on
the class and instances has access to their issuing cursor.
......@@ -222,6 +239,7 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
if len(targettypes) > 1:
# find fetch_attrs common to all destination types
fetchattrs = user._cw.vreg['etypes'].fetch_attrs(targettypes)
remove_ambiguous_rels(fetchattrs, targettypes, user._cw.vreg.schema)
fetchattrs = etypecls.fetch_attrs
etypecls._fetch_restrictions(var, varmaker, fetchattrs,
......@@ -739,6 +757,10 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
etypecls = self._cw.vreg['etypes'].etype_class(targettypes[0])
if len(targettypes) > 1:
fetchattrs = self._cw.vreg['etypes'].fetch_attrs(targettypes)
# XXX we should fetch ambiguous relation objects too but not
# recurse on them in _fetch_restrictions; it is easier to remove
# them completely for now, as it would require an deeper api rewrite
remove_ambiguous_rels(fetchattrs, targettypes, self._cw.vreg.schema)
fetchattrs = etypecls.fetch_attrs
rql = etypecls.fetch_rql(self._cw.user, [restriction], fetchattrs,
......@@ -18,9 +18,11 @@
from yams.buildobjs import (EntityType, String, SubjectRelation,
from cubicweb.schema import (WorkflowableEntityType,
RQLConstraint, RQLVocabularyConstraint)
class Personne(EntityType):
nom = String(required=True)
prenom = String()
......@@ -36,22 +38,40 @@ class Personne(EntityType):
RQLVocabularyConstraint('NOT (S connait P, P nom "toto")'),
RQLVocabularyConstraint('S travaille P, P nom "tutu"')])
class Societe(EntityType):
nom = String()
evaluee = SubjectRelation('Note')
fournit = SubjectRelation(('Service', 'Produit'), cardinality='1*')
class Service(EntityType):
fabrique_par = SubjectRelation('Personne', cardinality='1*')
class Produit(EntityType):
fabrique_par = SubjectRelation('Usine', cardinality='1*')
class Usine(EntityType):
lieu = String(required=True)
class Note(EntityType):
type = String()
ecrit_par = SubjectRelation('Personne')
class SubNote(Note):
__specializes_schema__ = True
description = String()
class tags(RelationDefinition):
subject = 'Tag'
object = ('Personne', 'Note')
class evaluee(RelationDefinition):
subject = 'CWUser'
object = 'Note'
......@@ -59,5 +79,3 @@ class evaluee(RelationDefinition):
class StateFull(WorkflowableEntityType):
name = String()
......@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ class EntityTC(CubicWebTC):
'WHERE E eid %(x)s, E tags X, X is IN (Personne), X nom AA, '
'X modification_date AB')
def test_related_rql_ambigous_cant_use_fetch_order(self):
def test_related_rql_ambiguous_cant_use_fetch_order(self):
tag = self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class('Tag')(self.request())
for ttype in self.schema['tags'].objects():
self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class(ttype).fetch_attrs = ('modification_date',)
......@@ -258,6 +258,18 @@ class EntityTC(CubicWebTC):
'WHERE E eid %(x)s, E tags X, X modification_date AA')
def test_related_rql_cant_fetch_ambiguous_rtype(self):
soc_etype = self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class('Societe')
soc = soc_etype(self.request())
soc_etype.fetch_attrs = ('fournit',)
self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class('Service').fetch_attrs = ('fabrique_par',)
self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class('Produit').fetch_attrs = ('fabrique_par',)
self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class('Usine').fetch_attrs = ('lieu',)
self.vreg['etypes'].etype_class('Personne').fetch_attrs = ('nom',)
# XXX should be improved: we could fetch fabrique_par object too
self.assertEqual(soc.cw_related_rql('fournit', 'subject'),
'Any X WHERE E eid %(x)s, E fournit X')
def test_unrelated_rql_security_1_manager(self):
user = self.request().user
rql = user.cw_unrelated_rql('use_email', 'EmailAddress', 'subject')[0]
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