Commit 28f04ca4 authored by Simon Chabot's avatar Simon Chabot
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Added tag 3.28.0 for changeset 2c0ecdfda9c4

branch : 3.28
parent 2c0ecdfda9c4
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......@@ -652,3 +652,4 @@ e77900f19390fdf38515afdd212d21ac2592693d debian/3.27.0-1
e731c31eaed06ac0a781db4d9a36d8b3732a4852 3.27.2
e731c31eaed06ac0a781db4d9a36d8b3732a4852 debian/3.27.2-1
695832965852f2a8d6c767dab0f74903c962feb8 3.28.0rc1
2c0ecdfda9c46f95ef514efa0c9c06c96c98b4bd 3.28.0
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