Commit 1467d407 authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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[querier] Expand 'rdef' argument in InsertPlan.add_relation_def()

Expand the 'rdef' tuple to improve readability. The 'rtype' value is not
used at the moment, but will in the next changeset.
parent 8eb15566142f
......@@ -346,11 +346,12 @@ class InsertPlan(ExecutionPlan):
def add_relation_def(self, rdef):
"""add an relation definition to build"""
edef, rtype, value = rdef
if not isinstance(rdef[0], int):
self._r_subj_index.setdefault(rdef[0], []).append(rdef)
if not isinstance(rdef[2], int):
self._r_obj_index.setdefault(rdef[2], []).append(rdef)
if not isinstance(edef, int):
self._r_subj_index.setdefault(edef, []).append(rdef)
if not isinstance(value, int):
self._r_obj_index.setdefault(value, []).append(rdef)
def substitute_entity_def(self, edef, edefs):
"""substitute an incomplete entity definition by a list of complete
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