Commit 127f6a08 authored by Nicola Spanti's avatar Nicola Spanti
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[web/views] Fix AutoformSectionRelationTags.set_muledit_editable

It is a method call, so `self` is passed implicitely as first
argument, so it is useless to pass it also explicitely as second
argument. In fact, it does not work without this. A monkey patch
had been done in a private client's project, but the fix is
revelant for everyone.
parent 8a1b7aaf8309
......@@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ class AutoformSectionRelationTags(RelationTagsSet):
afs.set_muledit_editable('CWUser', ('firstname', 'surname', 'in_group'))
for attr in attrs:
self.edit_as_attr(self, etype, attr, formtype='muledit')
self.edit_as_attr(etype, attr, formtype='muledit')
autoform_section = AutoformSectionRelationTags(__module__=__name__)
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