Commit 1095b3d5 authored by Fabien Amarger's avatar Fabien Amarger
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fix: [manifest] Fix check-manifest with the new test files

parent af65361ce1a4
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......@@ -77,6 +77,9 @@ recursive-include cubicweb/wsgi/test *.py
include cubicweb/pyramid/development.ini.tmpl
include cubicweb/pyramid/pyramid.ini.tmpl
recursive-include cubicweb/pyramid/debug_toolbar_templates *.dbtmako *.mako
recursive-include cubicweb/pyramid/test *.py
recursive-include cubicweb/pyramid/data *.py
include cubicweb/pyramid/test/data/bootstrap_cubes
include cubicweb/web/data/jquery-treeview/*.md
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