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delete unmaintained clone_deps script

Closes #2517580.
parent 1660a0fa4f43
import sys
from subprocess import call as sbp_call, Popen, PIPE
from urllib import urlopen
import os
from os import path as osp, pardir, chdir
def find_mercurial():
print "trying to find mercurial from the command line ..."
print '-' * 20
tryhg = sbp_call(['hg', '--version'])
if tryhg:
print 'mercurial seems to be unavailable, please install it'
print '-' * 20
def hg_call(args):
return sbp_call(['hg'] + args)
return hg_call
to_clone = ['fyzz', 'yams', 'rql',
'logilab/common', 'logilab/constraint', 'logilab/database',
'logilab/devtools', 'logilab/mtconverter',
'cubes/blog', 'cubes/calendar', 'cubes/card', 'cubes/comment',
'cubes/datafeed', 'cubes/email', 'cubes/file', 'cubes/folder',
'cubes/forgotpwd', 'cubes/keyword', 'cubes/link', 'cubes/localperms',
'cubes/mailinglist', 'cubes/nosylist', 'cubes/person',
'cubes/preview', 'cubes/registration', 'cubes/rememberme',
'cubes/tag', 'cubes/vcsfile', 'cubes/zone']
# a couple of functions to be used to explore available
# repositories and cubes
def list_repos(repos_root):
assert repos_root.startswith('http://')
hgwebdir_repos = (repo.strip()
for repo in urlopen(repos_root + '?style=raw').readlines()
if repo.strip())
prefix = osp.commonprefix(hgwebdir_repos)
return (repo[len(prefix):].strip('/')
for repo in hgwebdir_repos)
def list_all_cubes(base_url=BASE_URL):
all_repos = list_repos(base_url)
#search for cubes
for repo in all_repos:
if repo.startswith('cubes'):
def get_latest_debian_tag(path):
proc = Popen(['hg', '-R', path, 'tags'], stdout=PIPE)
out, _err = proc.communicate()
for line in out.splitlines():
if 'debian-version' in line:
return line.split()[0]
def main():
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
base_url = BASE_URL
elif len(sys.argv) == 2:
base_url = sys.argv[1]
sys.stderr.write('usage %s [base_url]\n' % sys.argv[0])
hg_call = find_mercurial()
print len(to_clone), 'repositories will be cloned'
base_dir = osp.normpath(osp.join(osp.dirname(__file__), pardir, pardir))
not_updated = []
for repo in to_clone:
url = base_url + repo
if '/' not in repo:
target_path = repo
assert repo.count('/') == 1, repo
directory, repo = repo.split('/')
if not osp.isdir(directory):
open(osp.join(directory, ''), 'w').close()
target_path = osp.join(directory, repo)
if osp.exists(target_path):
print target_path, 'seems already cloned. Skipping it.'
hg_call(['clone', '-U', url, target_path])
tag = get_latest_debian_tag(target_path)
if tag:
print 'updating to', tag
hg_call(['update', '-R', target_path, tag])
print """
CubicWeb dependencies and standard set of cubes have been fetched and
update to the latest stable version.
You should ensure your PYTHONPATH contains `%(basedir)s`.
You might want to read the environment configuration section of the documentation
You can find more cubes at
Clone them from `%(baseurl)scubes/` into the `%(basedir)s%(sep)scubes%(sep)s` directory.
To get started you may read
""" % {'basedir': os.getcwd(), 'baseurl': base_url, 'sep': os.sep}
if not_updated:
sys.stderr.write('WARNING: The following repositories were not updated (no debian tag found):\n')
for path in not_updated:
sys.stderr.write('\t-%s\n' % path)
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -242,28 +242,7 @@ Install from version control system
To keep-up with on-going development, clone the :ref:`Mercurial
<MercurialPresentation>` repository::
hg clone -u stable # stable branch
hg clone -u 'last(tag())' # stable version
hg clone # development branch
To get many of CubicWeb's dependencies and a nice set of base cubes, run the
`` script located in `cubicweb/bin/`::
python cubicweb/bin/
(Windows users should replace slashes with antislashes).
This script will clone a set of mercurial repositories into the
directory containing the ``cubicweb`` repository, and update them to the
latest published version tag (if any).
.. note::
In every cloned repositories, a `hg tags` will display a list of
tags in reverse chronological order. One reasonnable option is to go to a
tagged version: the latest published version or example, as done by
the `clone_deps` script)::
hg update cubicweb-version-3.12.2
Make sure you also have all the :ref:`InstallDependencies`.
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