Commit 050278f5 authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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[entity/hooks] fix regression introduced by 4ba11607d84a

on create_entity, attributes weren't cached, but they are since 4ba11607d84a
and this triggered a bug: used values may be transformed by hooks (e.g.
TidyHtmlFields), ending in invalid value in the cache. This is the regression.

Now, set_attributes used to update the attributes cache while suffering from
the very same pb. This is the now fixed old bug.

Transformed attributes are now recorded in a transaction shared variable, and
those are omitted from the client cache.
parent 8ec7cc28b501
......@@ -455,7 +455,7 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
def _cw_build_entity_query(cls, kwargs):
relations = []
restrictions = set()
pending_relations = []
pendingrels = []
eschema = cls.e_schema
qargs = {}
attrcache = {}
......@@ -474,13 +474,13 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
value = iter(value).next()
# prepare IN clause
pending_relations.append( (attr, role, value) )
pendingrels.append( (attr, role, value) )
if # attribute
relations.append('X %s %%(%s)s' % (attr, attr))
attrcache[attr] = value
elif value is None:
pending_relations.append( (attr, role, value) )
pendingrels.append( (attr, role, value) )
rvar = attr.upper()
if role == 'object':
......@@ -498,11 +498,11 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
rql += ', '.join(relations)
if restrictions:
rql += ' WHERE %s' % ', '.join(restrictions)
return rql, qargs, pending_relations, attrcache
return rql, qargs, pendingrels, attrcache
def _cw_handle_pending_relations(cls, eid, pending_relations, execute):
for attr, role, values in pending_relations:
def _cw_handle_pending_relations(cls, eid, pendingrels, execute):
for attr, role, values in pendingrels:
if role == 'object':
restr = 'Y %s X' % attr
......@@ -530,14 +530,15 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
prefixing the relation name by 'reverse_'. Also, relation values may be
an entity or eid, a list of entities or eids.
rql, qargs, pending_relations, attrcache = cls._cw_build_entity_query(kwargs)
rql, qargs, pendingrels, attrcache = cls._cw_build_entity_query(kwargs)
if rql:
rql = 'INSERT %s X: %s' % (cls.__regid__, rql)
rql = 'INSERT %s X' % (cls.__regid__)
created = execute(rql, qargs).get_entity(0, 0)
cls._cw_handle_pending_relations(created.eid, pending_relations, execute)
cls._cw_handle_pending_relations(created.eid, pendingrels, execute)
return created
def __init__(self, req, rset=None, row=None, col=0):
......@@ -557,6 +558,19 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
def __cmp__(self, other):
raise NotImplementedError('comparison not implemented for %s' % self.__class__)
def _cw_update_attr_cache(self, attrcache):
for key in self._cw.get_shared_data('%s.dont-cache-attrs' % self.eid,
default=(), txdata=True, pop=True):
attrcache.pop(key, None)
def _cw_dont_cache_attribute(self, attr):
"""repository side method called when some attribute have been
transformed by a hook, hence original value should not be cached by
self._cw.transaction_data.setdefault('%s.dont-cache-attrs' % self.eid, set()).add(attr)
def __json_encode__(self):
"""custom json dumps hook to dump the entity's eid
which is not part of dict structure itself
......@@ -1254,7 +1268,7 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
assert kwargs
assert self.cw_is_saved(), "should not call set_attributes while entity "\
"hasn't been saved yet"
rql, qargs, pending_relations, attrcache = self._cw_build_entity_query(kwargs)
rql, qargs, pendingrels, attrcache = self._cw_build_entity_query(kwargs)
if rql:
rql = 'SET ' + rql
qargs['x'] = self.eid
......@@ -1266,8 +1280,8 @@ class Entity(AppObject):
# update current local object _after_ the rql query to avoid
# interferences between the query execution itself and the cw_edited /
# skip_security machinery
self._cw_handle_pending_relations(self.eid, pending_relations, self._cw.execute)
self._cw_handle_pending_relations(self.eid, pendingrels, self._cw.execute)
# XXX update relation cache
def cw_delete(self, **kwargs):
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ class EditedEntity(dict):
# attributes, else we may accidentaly skip a desired security check
if attr not in self:
self.edited_attribute(attr, value)
def __delitem__(self, attr):
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