Commit 04e570c4 authored by Julien Cristau's avatar Julien Cristau
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[web/test] use unicode instead of str for user logins

makes lgdb/sqlite quieter.
parent 3b89cfd010a6
......@@ -156,9 +156,9 @@ class EditControllerTC(CubicWebTC):
def test_user_can_change_its_password(self):
with self.admin_access.repo_cnx() as cnx:
self.create_user(cnx, 'user')
self.create_user(cnx, u'user')
with self.new_access('user').web_request() as req:
with self.new_access(u'user').web_request() as req:
eid = unicode(req.user.eid)
req.form = {
'eid': eid, '__maineid' : eid,
......@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ class EditControllerTC(CubicWebTC):
def test_edit_multiple_linked(self):
with self.admin_access.web_request() as req:
peid = unicode(self.create_user(req, 'adim').eid)
peid = unicode(self.create_user(req, u'adim').eid)
req.form = {'eid': [peid, 'Y'], '__maineid': peid,
'__type:'+peid: u'CWUser',
......@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@ class EditControllerTC(CubicWebTC):
def test_nonregr_rollback_on_validation_error(self):
with self.admin_access.web_request() as req:
p = self.create_user(req, "doe")
p = self.create_user(req, u"doe")
# do not try to skip 'primary_email' for this test
old_skips = p.__class__.skip_copy_for
p.__class__.skip_copy_for = ()
......@@ -754,10 +754,10 @@ class EditControllerTC(CubicWebTC):
class ReportBugControllerTC(CubicWebTC):
def test_usable_by_guest(self):
with self.new_access('anon').web_request() as req:
with self.new_access(u'anon').web_request() as req:
self.vreg['controllers'].select, 'reportbug', req)
with self.new_access('anon').web_request(description='hop') as req:
with self.new_access(u'anon').web_request(description='hop') as req:
self.vreg['controllers'].select('reportbug', req)
......@@ -1016,8 +1016,8 @@ class UndoControllerTC(CubicWebTC):
def setup_database(self):
with self.admin_access.repo_cnx() as cnx:
self.toto = self.create_user(cnx, 'toto',
self.toto = self.create_user(cnx, u'toto',
self.txuuid_toto = cnx.commit()
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