Commit 047775aa authored by François Ferry's avatar François Ferry
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refactor(pyramid-ctl): remove "param" cubicweb-ctl pyramid command parameter.

This parameter was introduced in e95725d7ce90, and its usage is removed in
this commit: 8a04a2cb5ba4.

related: #119
parent 546e4d8a9f00
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......@@ -128,12 +128,6 @@ class PyramidStartHandler(InstanceCommand):
{'type': 'int',
'default': 4,
'help': 'The number of threads used by the server.'}),
{'short': 'p',
'type': 'named',
'metavar': 'key1:value1,key2:value2',
'default': {},
'help': 'override <key> configuration file option with <value>.'}),
) + InstanceCommand.options)
_reloader_environ_key = 'CW_RELOADER_SHOULD_RUN'
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