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    remove 3.9 bw compat · 697a8181ba30
    Aurelien Campeas authored
    In cw 3.9, interfaces are deprecated and replaced with adapters,
    yielding a lot of bw compat in many places -- most if this patch is
    concerned with the interface bw compat
    - cwvreg: interface cleanup
    - doc/adapters.rst: interface cleanup
    - entities/adapters.py, wfobjs.py: interfaces bw compat
    - entity.py: interfaces bw compat, also get_value, delete,
      attr_metadata, has_perm, set_related_cache, clear_related_cache,
      clear_related_cache, related_rql
    - predicates.py: score_interfaces & implements
    - interfaces.py & mixins.py: 100% gone
    - view.py: implement_adapter_compat, unwrap_adapter_compat
    - calendar.py, editcontroller.py, ibreadcrumbs.py, navigation.py, xmlrss.py:
      interface bw compat
    - treeview.py: salvage one function from mixins.py
    Related to #2782004.