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    [pkg] Properly export data files in setup.py and adjust "newcube" test · 63ac20ef558e
    Denis Laxalde authored
    With the new package layout (everything under "cubicweb" package), the custom
    install_lib rule which makes use of include_dirs defined in __pkginfo__.py did
    not prepend the package name to source directories to be copied. Fixing this.
    Also, in setup.py's export() function, the destination directories' path to be
    created during source tree walk was wrong.
    All this makes cubicweb/skeleton directory (which is not a package) properly
    installed by setup.py.
    The test in cubicweb/devtools/test/unittest_devctl.py wasn't properly
    implemented because it used an installation of cubicweb in "develop" mode
    which shadows such packaging issues. Also it used "python -m cubicweb" instead
    of directly "cubicweb-ctl" and the former appears to fall back to using the
    cubicweb package *from sources* instead of the installed one.
    Now that this test runs against the installed version of cubicweb, fix
    MANIFEST.in to include tox.ini files (cubicweb's and skeleton's) as this is
    expected from the test.
    Closes #14127941.
    branch : 3.23