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    [session] cleanup hook / operation / entity edition api · 8bc6eac1fac1
    Sylvain Thénault authored
    Operation api
    * commit_event killed, recently introduced postcommit_event is enough and has a better name
    * kill SingleOperation class, it's a) currently never used b) superseeded by set_operation if needed.
    Entity edition api
    edited_attributes turned into a special object holding edition specific attributes:
    - attributes to be edited (simply mirrored in cw_attr_cache, actual values are there)
    - former _cw_skip_security set (cw_edited) and querier_pending_relations
    It has also been renamed to `cw_edited` on the way (it may also contains inlined relations)
    The entity dict interface has been deprecated. One should explicitly use either
    cw_attr_cache or cw_edited according to the need.
    Also, there is now a control that we don't try to hi-jack edited attributes
    once this has no more effect (eg modification have already been saved)
    At last, _cw_set_defaults/cw_check internal methods have been moved to this
    special object
    Hook api
    hook.entity_oldnewvalue function now moved to a method of cw_edited object.