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    [constraint] more robust unicity constraint failures reporting for end-users · 0f1504a9fb51
    Aurelien Campeas authored
    Postgres or Sqlserver have limits on the index names (around resp. 64
    and 128 characters). Because `logilab.database` encodes the `unique
    together` constraint rtypes in the index names, we sometimes get
    truncated index names, from which it is impossible to retrieve all
    In the long run, the way such index are named should be changed.
    In the short term, we try to reduce the end-user confusion resulting
    from this design flaw:
    * in source/native, the regex filtering ``IntegrityError`` message does
      not impose an `_idx` suffix, which indeed may be absent (the result being an
      UI message that resembles a catastrophic failure),
    * also we avoid including a trailing " (double quote) from the error
    * in entities/adapters, the well-named ``IUserFriendly`` adapter is made a
      bit smarter about how to handle missing rtypes.
    * the adapter also always produces a global message explaining the
      issue (and the fact that sometimes, the user is not shown all the
      relevant info)
    * i18n is updated
    Closes #2793789
    branch : stable
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