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ci(gitlab-ci): use templates from a common repository

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# follow this doc to extend the already existing jobs:
# as a reminder the existing jobs are located here:
# or simply add more jobs here if you need them (use the already existing stages)
# /!\ remember to uncomment the include in the .gitlab-ci.yml /!\
default: default:
image: python image: python:3.7
before_script: include:
- pip install tox # uncomment and uses to customize/extend the configuration here if needed
# (it needs to be at the same level than "- project")
# - ".gitlab-ci-extended.yml"
- project: "open-source/gitlab-ci-templates"
ref: "branch/default"
- "templates/no-duplicated-ci-pipelines.yml" # use workflow to avoid duplicated pipelines
- "templates/lint/flake8.yml" # will do the equivalent of 'tox -e flake8'
- "templates/lint/check-manifest.yml" # will do the equivalent of 'tox -e check-manifest'
- "templates/lint/yamllint.yml" # will do the equivalent of 'tox -e yamllint'
- "templates/tests/py27.yml" # will do the equivalent of 'tox -e py27'
- "templates/tests/py3.yml" # will do the equivalent of 'tox -e py3'
- "templates/build-debian-package.yml" # will build a .deb and upload it to heptapod files
- "templates/create-release-on-heptapod-including-debian-package.yml" # this will create a release on heptapod AND uses uploaded .deb by build-debian-package
- "templates/upload-to-pypi.yml" # on a new mercurial tag (expected to be done with release-new), will push a release on pypi
flake8: stages:
script: tox -e flake8 - lint
- tests
py3: - build-debian-package
script: tox -e py3 - upload-deb-to-heptapod
artifacts: - release
paths: - publish
- py3-deprecated-warnings.json
- changes:
- "**/*.yaml"
- "*.yaml"
- "**/*.yml"
- "*.yml"
- tox -e yamllint
...@@ -6,3 +6,4 @@ recursive-include test/data bootstrap_cubes *.py ...@@ -6,3 +6,4 @@ recursive-include test/data bootstrap_cubes *.py
include tox.ini include tox.ini
exclude .yamllint exclude .yamllint
exclude .cube-doctor.yml exclude .cube-doctor.yml
exclude .gitlab-ci-extended.yml
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