Commit e7be1d41 authored by Philippe Pepiot's avatar Philippe Pepiot
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Fix check-manifest

It was missing requirements-tests.txt and migration/*.py files
parent facf4fb0296c
......@@ -3,8 +3,10 @@ include */*.py
recursive-include cubicweb_trustedauth *.py
recursive-include cubicweb_trustedauth/data *.gif *.png *.ico *.css *.js
recursive-include cubicweb_trustedauth/i18n *.po
recursive-include cubicweb_trustedauth/wdoc *.rst
recursive-include cubicweb_trustedauth/wdoc *.rst setup_fr
recursive-include cubicweb_transdevidf/migration *.py
recursive-include test/data bootstrap_cubes *.py
include *.ini
include *.txt
recursive-include debian changelog compat control copyright rules
include cubicweb-trustedauth.spec
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