Commit 776fae5a authored by David Douard's avatar David Douard
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Warn only (instead of ERROR) if the secret key file is missing

This is required for unit tests of cubes that uses trustedauth
parent bf121dd9c837
...@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ CONFENTRY = 'trustedauth-secret-key-file' ...@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ CONFENTRY = 'trustedauth-secret-key-file'
def registration_callback(vreg): def registration_callback(vreg):
secretfile = vreg.config.get(CONFENTRY, "").strip() secretfile = vreg.config.get(CONFENTRY, "").strip()
if not secretfile: if not secretfile:
vreg.config.error("Configuration '%s' is missing or empty. " vreg.config.warning("Configuration '%s' is missing or empty. "
"Please check your configuration file!" % CONFENTRY) "Please check your configuration file!" % CONFENTRY)
return return
try: try:
secret = open(secretfile).read().strip() secret = open(secretfile).read().strip()
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