Commit aefce9ef authored by Noé Gaumont's avatar Noé Gaumont 🐙
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[autopep8] E502 - Remove extraneous escape of newline

parent c98809729366
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ class TVTreeviewOneLineEditView(baseviews.InContextView):
self.w(u'<span>%s</span>' % entity_name)
elif not leavesonly or is_leaf:
self.w(u'<input type="checkbox" name="selitems" value="%(eid)s" '
u'%(sel)s id="treeitem_%(eid)s"/>&nbsp;' \
u'%(sel)s id="treeitem_%(eid)s"/>&nbsp;'
% {'eid': entity.eid, 'sel': entity.eid
in related and u'checked="checked"' or u''})
self.w(u'<span class="hidden">%s</span>' % entity_name)
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