Commit a15dd3fa authored by Noé Gaumont's avatar Noé Gaumont 🐙
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[autopep8] E20 - Remove extraneous whitespace

parent 3691e3bf027c
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ class TVDefaultTreeViewItemView(treeview.DefaultTreeViewItemView):
liclasses = [u'cw-%s' % entity.__regid__.lower()]
if morekwargs['is_last']:
self.w(u'<li class="%s">%s</li>' % ( u' '.join(liclasses), itemview))
self.w(u'<li class="%s">%s</li>' % (u' '.join(liclasses), itemview))
class TVTreeViewEditItemView(TVTreeViewItemView):
"""keeps track of which branches to open according to the X rtype
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