Commit 83022d6b authored by "Sylvain ext:(%22)'s avatar "Sylvain ext:(%22)
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Added tag erudi-sysinfo-appl-version-0_7_0 for changeset d575fb680d66

parent d575fb680d66
5526f33e9606d386b8316039c6e11ef4e622c14f erudi-sysinfo-appl-version-0_6_0
24541bc59bdca540cfaecdd8eb38ef5f469bb352 erudi-sysinfo-appl-debian-version-0_6_0-1
d575fb680d66b2f5d42d8e577c2ec4bad373773e erudi-sysinfo-appl-version-0_7_0
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