Commit bd714f55 authored by François Ferry's avatar François Ferry
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Added tag 1.1.0 for changeset 6477daaf3e80

parent 6477daaf3e80
Pipeline #119493 failed
......@@ -21,3 +21,4 @@ d976111713ae9de7e2f8822d70c561ac00ae60e8 cubicweb-subprocess-centos-version-0.2.
63d1da50cb1be39ff4dc962a6e06c19f353a5573 debian/0.3.0-1
63d1da50cb1be39ff4dc962a6e06c19f353a5573 centos/0.3.0-1
11075a89a3598961cdaed1d4432da4e1efd2c7b4 1.0.0
6477daaf3e807545681649c7ea61ef58233ff357 1.1.0
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