Commit 1cb14a63 authored by Katia Saurfelt's avatar Katia Saurfelt
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[tox] add check-manifest

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......@@ -13,3 +13,6 @@ py3:
script: tox -e py3
script: tox -e check-manifest
include *.py
include */*.py
recursive-include cubicweb_squareui *.py
include README.rst
include tox.ini
recursive-include cubicweb_squareui *
recursive-include cubicweb_squareui/data *.gif *.png *.ico *.css *.js
recursive-include cubicweb_squareui/i18n *.po
recursive-include cubicweb_squareui/wdoc *
recursive-include test/data bootstrap_cubes *.py
include *.ini
recursive-include debian changelog compat control copyright rules
include cubicweb-squareui.spec
include README.rst
exclude .gitlab-ci.yml
recursive-include cubicweb_squareui/wdoc Changelog* *.rst *.png *.jpg *.xml
recursive-include doc README *.png *py *rst Makefile
recursive-include test *.py
include test/data/bootstrap_cubes
prune debian
exclude Makefile
exclude *.spec
exclude dev-requirements.txt
exclude .gitlab-ci.yml
envlist = py27,py3,flake8
envlist = py27,py3,flake8, check-manifest
deps =
......@@ -25,4 +25,11 @@ basepython = python3
format = pylint
ignore = W503, E203, E731, E231
max-line-length = 100
exclude = doc/*,.tox/*,./test/data/*
\ No newline at end of file
exclude = doc/*,.tox/*,./test/data/*
skip_install = true
deps =
commands =
{envpython} -m check_manifest {toxinidir}
\ No newline at end of file
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