1. 21 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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  7. 16 Feb, 2015 9 commits
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  10. 17 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      fix js executed once the page is loaded · 5bdcec65cd88
      Alain Leufroy authored
      The cell renderers may add js at page onload. This js may require that
      the dom is populated which occures once the slickgrid renderer is
      called (at onload). We have to synchromously execute these js after
      the dom is populated by slickgrid.
  11. 14 Oct, 2014 9 commits
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      re-organize data/ · c5660664e893
      Alain Leufroy authored
      we put the whole SlickGrid sources in a dedicated directory, so
      updating SlickGrid will be easier.
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      fix README · f1ffa08c5ef4
      Alain Leufroy authored
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      add icon + attributions · 1656f2e4a326
      Alain Leufroy authored
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      [!] fix header name rendering in slick.columnpicker.js · 6d7044c5e5b2
      Alain Leufroy authored
      NOTE: the original source has been modified
      The content of the `.name` attribute of the header is set by CW as
      html content (see views.py). The `.name` is uses as the rendered table
      header by slick.grid.js using `.html(...)` which render well the html
      But slick.columnpicker.js adds the `.name` of the header in the menu
      using `.text(...)` which does not interprets the html.
      The cset make the code more consistent.
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      allow to choose displayed columns from the UI · 1eff6dc2ec92
      Alain Leufroy authored
      We use the columnpicker plugin from slickgrid which add a right click
      menu allowing the user to choose the displayed columns.
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      allow to pass slickgrid options · f6111ebe3db0
      Alain Leufroy authored
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      enable column sorting · 9d11970ad709
      Alain Leufroy authored
      We use already existing table view class attribute `enable_sorting`.
      Note that the original class does not seem to remove the tooltip about
      column sorting if `enable_sorting` is `False`.
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      implement a 'slickgrid' view that inherite from cw 'table' view · c491c6385eb4
      Alain Leufroy authored
      This view is very simple (no pagination, no column ordering).
      Although it allows other table's view cutomization (headers, cellvids,
      The idea of this code is to override table view's code in order to
      build grid content instead of writing HTML, then call the javascript
      SlikGrid constructor.
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      cctl newcube · 381a7c0f061c
      Alain Leufroy authored