Commit c66d1d6b authored by Nicola Spanti's avatar Nicola Spanti
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[hg] Added tag 1.2.1 for changeset 55bd37eba90a

parent 55bd37eba90a
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......@@ -5,3 +5,5 @@
5fb21a8ef3fc76368b482dd7baa08a635b2e5d47 debian/1.1.0-1
5fb21a8ef3fc76368b482dd7baa08a635b2e5d47 centos/1.1.0-1
56a348ad9fb2c3ed98b6e2bf2ca602769d0eece4 1.2.0
55bd37eba90a90bbaf09418bcb274676ff507fc2 1.2.1
55bd37eba90a90bbaf09418bcb274676ff507fc2 debian/1.2.1-1
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