1. 18 Dec, 2017 1 commit
  2. 29 Nov, 2017 3 commits
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      Handle LCSV format in "skos-import" command · 3daaef1b665b
      Denis Laxalde authored
      We add a --format option to "skos-import" ccplugin command with values
      being "rdf" or "lcsv".
      The lcsv format import behaves a bit differently than RDF import:
      * only on file is accepted,
      * a concept scheme is created beforehand to hold concepts to be imported
        from the LCSV file,
      * this scheme is eventually dropped in case of import failure or
      * since lcsv_extentities() accepts a file object, we have to handle file
        opening and closing ourselves, hence the extentities_generator()
        wrapper function.
      Closes extranet #37463080.
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      Possibly check the value of stdout in ccplugin tests · c39e8b4e1da6
      Denis Laxalde authored
      We handle a keyword argument 'stdout_check' in run_import_skos() test
      helper and use its value to compare with process stdout. This will be
      used in the next changeset.
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      Handle errors in 'skos-import' command · b416ffb23a2c
      Denis Laxalde authored
      We handle errors from import code as well as user interruption. This is
      mostly in preparation of the next changeset in which we'll add some
      cleanup logic.
  3. 28 Nov, 2017 4 commits
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  6. 04 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Sylvain Thénault's avatar
      Avoid vanishing of error message during concepts import w/ pyramid · c377c5b22f36
      Sylvain Thénault authored
      It seems that on form validation error when using the pyramid front-end, the
      form values are stored by pyramid in the session cookie. If we don't pop
      'stream' first, this silently fails because StringIO are not pickleable (and
      _set_cookie fails silently), leading to a redirect to the original form without
      any information.
      Closes #17106505
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  13. 31 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Denis Laxalde's avatar
      [rdfio] Avoid override of AbstractRDFGraph's uri property by relying on a private attribute · fc083a2a5c0b
      Denis Laxalde authored
      This overrides of abstract class property "uri" in each derived class's
      __init__ method is cryptic and there does not appear to be a good reason for
      this. So simplify and make this property access a private `_uri_cls` attribute
      to be defined in derived classes as any other implementation-dependent
      mechanism. The name `_uri_cls` closely matches what's in lcsv module so this
      also improves consistency.
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