Commit e8758dde authored by Sylvain Thénault's avatar Sylvain Thénault
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Added tag 1.1.2, debian/1.1.2-1, centos/1.1.2-1 for changeset 4685bcb1a430

parent 4685bcb1a430
......@@ -58,3 +58,6 @@ e661b9e1a4ba0abc2e1e84e31e3bfb711c88a7c4 debian/0.12.1
862ae912b766de7d6d6d432d7ccd194e7c007a60 1.1.1
862ae912b766de7d6d6d432d7ccd194e7c007a60 debian/1.1.1-1
862ae912b766de7d6d6d432d7ccd194e7c007a60 centos/1.1.1-1
4685bcb1a430a1eb128437c16e91b08dbdfe681c 1.1.2
4685bcb1a430a1eb128437c16e91b08dbdfe681c debian/1.1.2-1
4685bcb1a430a1eb128437c16e91b08dbdfe681c centos/1.1.2-1
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