Commit e4de180d authored by Denis Laxalde's avatar Denis Laxalde
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Drop compat for pre-0.9 API

Closes #17133734.
parent 60f8c89415f9
......@@ -29,8 +29,6 @@ from hashlib import md5
from uuid import uuid4
from itertools import imap
from logilab.common.deprecation import deprecated
from cubicweb import dataimport
from cubicweb.dataimport.importer import (
......@@ -224,18 +222,3 @@ def import_skos_extentities(cnx, entities, import_log,
return res
@deprecated('[skos 0.9] use lcsv_extentities then import_skos_extentities instead')
def _skos_import_lcsv(cnx, stream, import_log, scheme_uri, delimiter,
encoding, language_code=None, **kwargs):
"""Import SKOS from LCSV stream or URL (by transforming it to RDF first)."""
entities = lcsv_extentities(stream, scheme_uri, delimiter, encoding, language_code)
return import_skos_extentities(cnx, entities, import_log, extid_as_cwuri=False, **kwargs)
@deprecated('[skos 0.9] use rdf_extentities then import_skos_extentities instead')
def _skos_import_rdf(cnx, stream_or_url, import_log, rdf_format=None, **kwargs):
"""Import SKOS from RDF stream or URL."""
entities = rdf_extentities(stream_or_url, rdf_format)
return import_skos_extentities(cnx, entities, import_log, **kwargs)
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